Podcasts and Links

Podcasts and Links

Podcasts on Rumor with Professor Nick

  1. A Conversation with Nicholas DiFonzo on Rumor Psychology Dec. 19, 2006 – download video (may take a few moments to load)
  2. How do rumors get started? National Public Radio Talk of the Nation: Science Friday Interview with Nicholas DiFonzo and Duncan Watts, Nov. 3, 2006.
  3. Anatomy of a Rumor. National Public Radio Talk of the Nation Interview with George Pawlaczyk, Nicholas DiFonzo, Jeff Stier, and Frederick Koenig, December 7, 2005.
  4. Rumor and Gossip. PsychJourney Audio Podcast with Nicholas DiFonzo: Click here to listen…
  5. Gossip and the Brain – The Callie Crossley Show

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To subscribe to a Discussion List for researchers interested in rumor & gossip:

  1. Send email to: listserver@listserver.rit.edu
  2. In body of email, enter: “SUBscribe Rumor-GossipResearch First_Name Last_Name” (do not include quotes) example: SUBscribe Rumor-GossipResearch Nick DiFonzo