About Professor Nick

Disclosure Statement

My primary responsibility is as Professor in the Department of Psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology. My duties here include teaching, research, and service to the college and academic communities. Because of my research and writing activities, I have become an expert in the psychology of rumor. This has led to several opportunities to serve in the capacity of consultant, speaker, author, and expert witness. Some of these opportunities have been paid (generally those performed as an expert trial witness, litigation support, consultant, or speaker in a for-profit setting) and some have not been paid (generally those performed in academic and non-profit settings). Although contract work has been synergistic with my research interests in rumor, I have segregated the resources (time, equipment, utilities, student workers, etc.) used for contract and academic work. Thus, for example, expert witness work is done in my home office, on my own time, and using my own equipment. To avoid any conflict of interest, I annually disclose a list of clients and earnings to my employer. In addition, none of my research has been funded by my clients.