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Dread Internet Rumors

Professor DiFonzo, I’m a graduate student at [a] Journalism School. I’m currently researching a paper on internet rumor, and read your 2004 article in the Social Psychology Quarterly. I’m interested to hear if you’ve done further research in the area since then along with your views on the rise of sites such as Facebook. In […]

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Rumor vs. Grapevine

Dear Professor Nick. I am a girl from Denmark who currently writes an exam paper on rumors. I am facing a big obstacle in my assignment that I cannot seem to find the answer to – therefore, I was really hoping that you might be willing to help me. The thing is, that I need […]

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Ask Professor Nick

To ask me a question about topics related to rumor, please contact me at I will do my best to answer your question personally within a week. In order to help others who might have the same question, I will remove any identifying information and I may post both the question and answer on […]

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